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The InTheGymHoops team, founded in 2014 by Felix Rogers @InTheGymHoops_, is all about bringing complete video coverage of anything High School sports, primarily Basketball, featuring athletes nationwide but with a focus on Indiana talent.

We take pride in providing complete coverage of any kind of event.

The InTheGymHoops Team is all about helping the kids get as much exposure as humanly possible, in the form of video.

We’re here to help kids get the exposure that is trying to play at the next level, whether that’s D1, D2, D3, NAIA, or professional. 

We focus on the athletes that want to be put on the map.


Deliver the quality results we achieved through many years of experience.

Guarantee to meet your expectations. No questions asked.

Offer 24/7 customer support if you ever need any help.

Years of experience and network of nation wide-viewers.

30K YouTube subscribers and over 30k Instagram followers..

Everyday we are in contact with major universities and media outlets.

Our Services

In The Gym Hoops provides video production services to allow players to showcase their abilities and gain greater exposure to college coaches and college programs.

Along with the video services we also host our Boys & Girls Exposure Camps that give college coaches and programs the ability to see players in action and also allow players and parents to assess a player’s progress.

Video Mixtape Production

Masterclass: How To Get Your Student Athlete A College Scholarship

Featured Highlight Videos

If you or an athlete you know are interested in being featured in our InTheGymHoops video gallery, visit our contact us page.

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